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Smart Weather Wallpaper

Developer: Ignace Maes
1.99 usd

Smart Weather Wallpaper automatically sets your wallpaper with high resolution (up to QHD) images from Flickr based on your current weather, time of day, and season. Wake up to beautiful sunrise pictures, and fall asleep to gorgeous sunsets and night-time shots.Smart Weather Wallpaper adapts to your device. With over 1000 hand picked images, Smart Weather Wallpaper ensures high quality images that match your current weather conditions.
Smart Weather Wallpaper provides one-touch functions to blur and dim for superior readability.
Muzei support allows Smart Weather Wallpaper to be a Muzei source!
Never have the same static wallpaper images again, and let Smart Weather Wallpaper intelligently manage them for you!
If weather isn't your thing, Smart Search Wallpaper allows you to find the same high-res images automatically based on any search terms you want!